Harmonic Manifestor - The fractal energy sculpture creates harmonic resonances within its environment. Activating our higher conscious force by revitalizing our bioenergy field. Stimulating the self-healing of our natural body energy, the welness of our state of mind, and the manifestation of our dreams, goals, and aspirations. In essence, Art that empowers the heart. The handmade geometrical sculptures, found their inspiration in my research of sacred geometry, golden ratio, as well the Finnish Himmeli tradition, and electromagnetic resonance science. You will support my activities greatly by ordering a Harmonic Manifestor. To change pricing protocols, I decided to price them as Art products, selling them directly from my Non-Profit to you. The Harmonic Manifestor

Back to a future for mankind!

dimensions: 22x30cm / ref: octahedron / material: aluminium bars 5mm Ø, resin, metal powder / year : 2023 / made by Cosco / price: 850€ (shipping not incl.) - Please DM or mail contact@cosco.one