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Building on the Egyptian tradition of magical amulets, I co-created a collection of 12 Crypto Amulets. The creation of the blockchain based, digital amulets can be traced back to the origins of ancient Egypt, over 6000 years ago. Symbolism was always a significant part of life in the Nile valley, and featured particularly in the use of its amulets. They were worn as symbols of protection and good fortune, and were in tune with the journey into the afterlife. Amulets were seen as magical means to "reaffirm the fundamental fairness of the universe". Inspired by this ancient tradition, the crypto amulet collection was co-created with Leonardo Marchesi, as a fundraiser for the exploration of the legendary labyrinth of Egypt. One of our most emblematic Cosco Foundation projects, contributing to the global movement aimed at the research and better understanding of our common ancient history.

NFT Campaign ⟠ Crypto Amulet Collection ⟠ A labyrinth of Egypt project Fundraiser

Crypto Amulet White paper > NFT collection outline 

Cosco Foundation > opensea.io/coscofoundation > https://opensea.io/Cosco_Foundation

Meta-architect > website Leonardo Marchesi > https://www.leomchesi.com/


Documentary Not Your Bee ☼ [film on the Beepod project] by Dimitri Dumortier, 2022 - 85min. > watch on Vimeo

Book BIBLIOTECA DEL SOL with a text by Maarten Inghels (Dutch) + original woodcut (signed and numbered) by Cosco

published by Ludion 2019. Available at Copyright bookshop (Gent & Antwerpen)

Film TIME CAPSULE [Biblioteca del Sol] by Jan Ijas (Finland) 2016 - 16mm > watch on Vimeo 𓁹IDFA Amsterdam selected

Youtube Movie // Marta Herford Museum > Louis de Cordier "Solo-Sleepmodule" / on the Sleepmodule & Biblioteca del Sol  

Youtube Movie // The Egyptian Feeling > #005 - the Labyrinth (The Hawara Enigma) by architect Leonardo Marchesi  

Youtube Movie // UnchartedX > Finding Ancient Egypt's Great Lost Labyrinth! / on the Mataha-Expedition by Cosco

Youtube Movie // The Egyptian Feeling > Labyrinth of Egypt Lost or Found / a debate by Dr Miano & Cosco

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Interview > Hilde Van Canneyt (kunstjournalist)& Louis De Cordier [Cosco](NL) out of / 4321 vragen aan 123 kunstenaars

Kunst Magazine DEC.2019 JAN.2020 > [visionary] artist column by Cosco /(NL) > Kunstmagazine_12.2019_artistcolumn.pdf

Poetry of the Bee by Image Boulevard > Louis De Cordier 〤Portrait of the artists as an old soul〤 > BEEMASTER_LDC.pdf

De Morgen Magazine > De Ark van Louis by Thijs Demeulemeester /(NL) > DeMorgen_ARK_2019.pdf

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