Mountain of the Sun, Sulayr. Cosco. Louis De Cordier.


Cosco((Louis De Cordier))[Oostende °1978] can be best described as a contemporary art tekton. His artwork depends on the aspects of simplicity and integration, as a response to the complexity of daily life in the 21st century. His projects, installations, sculptures, NFTs, actions, photographs, drawings, architecture, movies, design, writings & publications all search to integrate themselves, into a world-view going deep into the unknown. Metta.

Cosco strives to extend our perceptions of the ordinary and to see the beauty of the timeless presence that lies within it. To do so he didn't fear interdisciplinary cooperative projects, like an archaeological labyrinth mission in Egypt, a wild honeybee preservancy network, or the building of an underground library in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia, Spain.    

In 2011, the artist relocated to the Alpujarra, to live an off-grid and more natural life, to implement the vision of a sustainable social future. To walk the talk.

Today, when he isn´t working on the land of his organic almond groove, he can be found in his art studio, where he is reading, sketching, drawing, or making a new collection of art prints. 

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The Cosco Foundation was founded in 2009 by Louis De Cordier in the realization of his non-profit projects, to enable project crowdfunding and sponsorship. The Cosco Foundation (Nr°0818548059)

preserves the patrimonium of among thousands of books, and manages the daily coordination in the ongoing realization of our visionary philanthropic projects. Slowly weaving our humanitarian activities into the glocal social fabric, radiating our direct actions into the far-distant future.☼ People interested in (tax-deductible) project patronages or donations are always welcome to contact us.