Humanity is living onerous times. The grand solar cycle we experience is changing our climate, and catalyzing the degeneration of the social order into a chaos, that will give birth to a new decentralized and distributed free world, in balance with the Earth. In the light of this knowledge, the Mons Solaris vision found its origin. To create a Mountain of Refuge, for all people in search of oneness. The social art project envisions, through artistic expression, the creation of a cultural bird nest in the Sierra Nevada mountains. To inspire and nurture people looking for open-hearted and healthy ways of living, and willing to resist the anti-life system, decondition & reconnect with nature. Mons Solaris aims by creative cultural resistance, the creation of a FREE humanity.



Metatron is a time capsule project, consisting of a Corten steel crust, a 20 Ton mantle of high-density concrete, and a compact timepiece as core. The Metatron _CORE; is a massive bronze miniature of the sculpture’s geometric body. The form of Metatron is a rhombicuboctahedron, one of the Archimedean solids. The mission of the Metatron project is to realize a cluster of Metatron timepieces in the world, included one in the Mongolian Gobi Desert. The Metatron timepieces are created to transmit a message across time, by making use of the universal language of mathematics. Reflecting our forgotten genesis, unknown destiny, radiating awareness and loving kindness, Metta.

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The library in the high mountains of Andalusia preserves important knowledge for future generations. The humanitarian project seeks to record the essence of human culture in its many forms. It is in no sense a time capsule, but a continuously updated record of life on earth in its broadest spectrum. Today, the project houses thousands of books, blueprints, maps and even a collection of seeds. The library hopes to stand as an inspiring symbol of the human aspirations, promoting art, science and spirituality, emphasizing sustainability and human rights as a core theme.

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The Cosco Foundation is dedicated to the research and preservation of the 4 millenia old Hawara archaeological site. One of the most important and mysterious world heritage complexes. A site permanently affected by human induced salty ground water. Since our geo-archaeological Mataha-expedition in 2008, we are funding ongoing scientific research, and are actively contributing to the future implementation of the Hawara Preservation Master Plan.

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Our beepod project is a participatory bee preservatory network operating from the Alpujarras. Consisting of a cooperation between barefoot beekeepers and their communities in creating natural, toxic-free and bee-flower rich environments. We create bee sanctuaries glocally by placing honey bees in vacant areas,through building on their natural nest inspired beepods. This to provide bees the optimal conditions to regenerate health & genetic resistance. The project is bee-centric, for a world that urgently need to rewild. The network embraces ‘hive mentality', a metaphor for a new social model, decentralised, vivid and liberated, empowered by a collective consciousness, to protect and restore nature. 

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Refugio Sulayr is an artist retreat developed for artists of every conceivable discipline. Since 2014, Refugio Sulayr has hosted many artists in search of space, nature and time. The project is located at 2000m altitude, made into one off-grid sustainably minded artist residency within a place of outstanding natural beauty; the Sierra Nevada, Andalucía, Spain. The retreat is a cultural and sustainable destination deep in the heart of the Natural Park. The Refuge is ‘an arts led field research station'. The research is manifested through the integration of the artist residency & our transdisciplinary programmes with ecologists and environmental activists. Refugio Sulayr is in a continuous state of development evolving sustainable ways to convert the abandoned arid farm to organic and productive land via research, and lots of direct action. 

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