The library in the high mountains of Andalusia preserves important knowledge for future generations. The philanthropic project seeks to record the essence of human culture in its many forms. It is in no sense a time capsule, but a continuously updated record of life on earth in its broadest spectrum. Today, the project houses thousands of books, blueprints, maps and even a collection of seeds. The library hopes to stand as an inspiring symbol of the human aspirations, promoting art, science and spirituality, emphasizing sustainability and human rights as a core theme.

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The Cosco Foundation is dedicated to the research and preservation of the 4 millenia old Hawara archaeological site. One of the most important and mysterious world heritage complexes. A site permanently affected by human induced salty ground water. Since our geo-archaeological Mataha-expedition in 2008, we are funding ongoing scientific research, and are actively contributing to the future implementation of the Hawara Preservation Master Plan. A project in collaboration with the University College London, UGhent, Freie Universität Berlin, the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, and the Ministry of Antiquities.

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Our apiary project is a participatory bee preservatory network in the Alpujarras. Consisting of a cooperation between barefoot beekeepers and their mountain communities in creating a natural, toxic-free and bee-flower rich environment. We create bee sanctuaries  by placing honey bees in vacant areas,through building on their natural habitat inspired beepods. This to provide bees the optimal conditions to regenerate genetic resistance. The project is bee-centric, for a world that urgently need to rewild. The network embraces ‘hive mentality’, a metaphor for a new social model, decentralised, vivid and liberated, empowered by a collective consciousness, to protect and restore nature. 




The remote mountain retreat is situated deep in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, Andalusia. The old Moorish refuge located at 2000 meter above sea level, is an ideal location for people who are looking for silence and solitude. At day, one can enjoy a breathtaking view on the long green valley and the Mediterranean sea, as far as the mountains of Morocco. On a night walk one can adore the stars of a the milky way. Refugio Sulayr is created for people who want to be away from it all for some time. The retreat was developed in collaboration with Zazen no Tomodachi (Friends of Zazen) to create a refuge where people can reflect, meditate, experience nature and simply 'be'.

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